Homan Company of NC, LLC  has been in business since 1986 and
serves the office solutions needs of customers all over the world.

Owner Patricia Barrett, Vice President Mike Barrett Office Manager
Lauren Goodwin are all here to serve you in a wide variety of areas.

We invite you to call or email us to discuss your office supply needs
anytime (Monday-Friday 8a.m.-
4:30p.m./voicemail available 24/7/365).
More about Homan Company of NC LLC, :

Homan Company  is a woman owned , family run business.  Pat Started
out only selling color coded filing systems and shelving to Doctors,
Lawyers, & Hospitals.  Eventually, customers wanted office supplies,
furniture and copy paper so naturally we branched out and provided
those products.  When a company that we rented space from went out
of business, we then helped out their customers by supplying them with
paper towels, tissue, and Janitorial supplies.  Then another vendor
went out of business and needed to sell his printing press.  We helped
him out and bought his press and went into the printing business.

Actually, Homan Company of North Carolina, LLC   can supply anything
for your office/business solutions from workstations to toilet tissue.
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Homan Company of NC